Small Business Decisions

Small Business Decisions

This month has been overwhelming to say the least as I try to make decision for my small business – and its not even over!  I watched a 3-day business makeover webinar, began an overhaul of my website, celebrated my birthday, attended a friend’s wedding, and have to complete regular day to day work.  Sometimes I feel like superwoman.  Among all these things, I still found time to cuddle with my boo and dog, and enjoy small victories like surpassing 150 Likes on Facebook.  Hooray for tiny, tiny victories!

One of the hardest things for me has been deciding on a new layout for my website.  With the millions of options available, I spent hours searching and reading, and researching some more.  I  finally made the jump and chose one.  After watching the webinar, it really put a fire in me and motivated me to make the decisions I’ve been fearing/avoiding.  If you’ve ever shopped around for web design, the prices range from abysmal to absolutely crazy.  Starting out with a very small roster of clients, it was hard for me to justify a $3000-5000 price tag for a new website, so instead I went with a theme that I felt incorporated the features, look, and back end control I needed.

There is still a lot of work to do, but I’m very happy with the way it currently looks.  It allows me to have a professional first impression on potential clients, and has so far rated well in usability tests.  If you notice something isn’t working as expected as you navigate the site, please notify me!  If its something I was not aware of, you’ll get a surprise reward :-).

Being the techie nerd that I am, I re-wrote a mini piece of php code to fix an error in the way the Contact form field names were displaying (I didn’t even ask google! Yay! Tiny victory #2, but who’s counting?!).  Next in the works is a logo, one of the most important things when branding yourself and your company is consistency and recognition.  Last time I went on a logo hunt, I was bitterly disappointed with the results and wound up without a logo, and without my hard earned $.  Beware of inexpensive crowd-sourced logo providers as you may end up with something completely unoriginal, or worse a logo ripped off from another company.  I consider myself lucky, because I did a lot of logo research prior to going this route I viewed so many logos and variations that once I was presented something that I knew I had seen somewhere else, I ran for the hills.  This time around I hope to have a much different experience.

This post ended up being longer that intended, so I’ll leave with this:  I’m so blessed to have such amazing friends, family, and mentors!  I could not have asked for a better birthday week, filled with three wonderful surprises and various outings.  Thank you all SO SO SO much, from the bottom of my heart!  You made the beginning of my last year in my 20’s a very special one.  As a friend put it:  I’m in the penthouse and the next stop is the roof!



PS:  The bunny in the top wishing me a happy birthday is my step-sister’s rabbit named Hrusha (means piggy in Russian).  He’s trying to seduce me with cake, and its working.

What was the hardest business decision you’ve ever had to make?   What helped you along the way?

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